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hey there!


I'm an opera singer, life coach, and tantrika. 

I know.

At first glance, these paths may seem completely unrelated.

Let me walk you through my kind of crazy life.


My love for opera doesn't stem from a desire to be in the spotlight nor is it solely a passion for singing. Opera allows me to connect with people. Over the years I have cultivated a rich singing career which has allowed me to to dig into interesting characters from dramatic stories and channel them through my voice. I create colorful characters with composers who want to tell new and relevant stories. Singing has landed me in front of  audiences in Japan, Russia, Europe, the US, the UK, Mexico and beyond. Singing has even brought me a Grammy nomination! 

I couldn't be more excited and grateful for this wild career. 

Still, I felt that I could do more to lead an impactful life and serve more people. 


In 2023, I became an iPEC Certified Life Coach.

After leaving a traumatic relationship and readjusting to a world post Covid-19, I struggled to find my footing. With the support of my family, incredible friends, and all of the resources available to me, I began cultivating a life in full and unstoppable alignment with my dreams. I acquired the skills necessary to become an outstanding coach, ensuring that people of all every walk of life have access to my support and techniques so that they too can lead fearlessly authentic and powerful lives. I proudly create space for people of every color and culture, the LGTBQ+ community, all ages/ stages of life, as well as all economic backgrounds. Empowerment belongs to us all. 



As an independent, world traveling, Puerto Rican, queer identifying woman flowing through the ups and downs of life, it became absolutely ESSENTIAL to develop a strong spiritual and self love practice. I began practicing Tantra as a way to connect deeply with my thoughts, my senses, and the sensuality that surrounds me in everyday life. It's so easy to lose touch with your body, to shut out the thoughts, to fly past beauty, to pause and take a much needed deep breath. Tantra has given my power over our greatest resource: TIME. With this time, we can choose to acknowledge those thoughts, without judgement. We can notice the view from the train. We can breath to live, not just survive. We can feel electric pleasure ranging from our own touch, to the specific scent of a loved one as they wrap us in a tight hug, to the joy of Saturday morning sunlight, to the sound of your best friend's laugh, to the random conversations with strangers that brighten your soul. This practice comes in many forms and endless varieties. It is my personal mission to share what I know, with everyone, so that we might all find the bliss that has been there all along, just waiting for us.  

So, this is me!

It's great to meet you and I'm so happy you're here.

Don't forget to reach out and say hi :) 

I look forward to supporting you in any way I can. 

You're amazing.


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