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GREAT CHANGE begins by taking that FIRST STEP!

We all need someone in our corner.

I'm ready to make MAGIC happen. 


Are you?









How about a little...



CONGRATULATIONS on making the first move! 
TIME is the most valuable resource you have.. and you're investing it in yourself! Let's make the most of it.

WHAT TO EXPECT: (40 minute session)

  • Discover the Coaching Process (10 minutes)
    • ​​What is/isn't coaching?
    • What can coaching do for me?
  • Coaching Session (20 minutes) 
    • Visioning "What do I truly DESIRE in my life?" 

    • Targeting "What isn't working for me anymore?"

    • Breakthrough "I am ready to try something new"

  • Action Plan (5 minutes)

    • Empowered by our discovery session, we'll ensure you have some strong next steps for achieving your goals & the support you need to do it. Nothing will stop you!  Let's make a plan!​​



Untitled (900 × 720 px) (500 × 720 px) (2).jpg

Energy Leadership Index (ELI)™ assessment

Featured on 

"11 Assessments every executive should take"

The ELI is a one-of-a-kind, attitudinal, researched-backed assessment tool that allows you to look honestly at your perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and overall leadership capabilities in times of stress and non-stress. The ELI provides a baseline of where your energy as a leader is showing up currently in your personal and professional roles, and how it is being harnessed to help you progress or hinder your performance. By increasing your self-awareness, you can begin to make conscious, crucial, changes which dramatically better serve your goals. 

This assessment is HIGHLY recommended for anyone who feels unsure of where to start, what to address first, or wants a FIERCE first step into deep self awareness! 


  • The ELI Assesment (20 minutes)

  • Debrief Session (90 minutes)

    • Let's read your results!

    • Discover your unique blend of the 7 Levels of Energy 

    • Assess how your current energy IS or IS NOT serving you

    • Uncover the path towards reaching your full potential 

  • Action Plan 

    • Emboldened by this exploration, we'll discuss our options moving forward! What support do you need to make great change and realize the purposeful life you crave?  Let' make a plan!




SMART Path Intensive
From idea to execution

A one month intensive program to finally turn that idea you have into a REAL THING.

There's something pulling at you deep in your heart.. an idea.

Maybe it's starting a business, creating a podcast, applying for grad school, preparing an audition, or committing to a workout routine.

But for some reason.. it remains just an idea.. with so many thoughts and feelings holding you back from pulling the trigger. 

This is a container to deeply explore and RELEASE those blocks and get you fast tracked on the path towards realizing your idea! 




  • 30 min assessment call + AIM SMART map

  • 1 breath exercise + 1 Meditation (Specifically selected to support your needs and blocks.)

  • Habit Journal prompts (for daily accountability!)

  • 4x 60 minute 1:1 block release sessions + goal focusing 

  • 1 month of direct text support (To troubleshoot blocks, celebrate wins, and stay on track!)



Screenshot 2023-12-09 at 7.46.40 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-12-09 at 7.58.02 PM.png

Connected Conversations
Enhance Relationships with Powerful Communication

A one month intensive to completely change the way you communicate so that you can get exactly what you want in life... without being an a**hole!

Do you find yourself struggling to ask for what you want? Or struggle to speak up when things are definitely not meeting your needs? Are you and your partner completely missing each other and ending most conversations in an argument? Communication is a skill you can master! In this intensive, we will incorporate ground breaking tools such as Non-Violent Communication (NVC), personalized meditations, gratitude journaling, and intimacy work to breath through any blocks preventing you from speaking your desires. Be careful what you ask for.... after this intensive, it's likely you will get it!


  • 30 min assessment call

  • 1 45 minute Non-Violent Communication class + practice  

  • 4x 60 minute 1:1 sessions to release blocks and empower

  • 1 breath exercise + 1 Meditation (Specifically selected to support your needs and blocks.)

  • Gratitude Journal prompts  

  • 1 month of direct text support (To troubleshoot blocks, celebrate wins, and stay on track!)




Personalized Plan
Investing in a greater You

Let me build a custom plan just for YOU.

There's no one size fits all solution. Let's lay it all out on the table and come up with a customized plan that is suited to exactly what you want to get out of our work together. You are exactly where you are meant to be in this moment. Let's work together to create a dream destination and a joyous journey to get there. 

Topics I already LOVE: 

​- Relationships  - Intimacy  - Life Purpose  - Communication  Creativity  - Spirituality  - Meditation & Wellness  - Sexual Health - Ethical Non-monogamy / Sensual exploration  - LGTBQIA+ empowerment  - Female / Male Empowerment  - POC empowerment -  Job Search / Career Transition - Life Transition  

- Travel / Expat navigation  - Self-esteem & Confidence building 

- Stress Management & Relaxation  - Communication - ETC!




  • 40 min assessment call + Plan building

  • 4x 60 minute 1:1 block release sessions + goal focusing 

  • 1 month of direct text support (To troubleshoot blocks, celebrate wins, and stay on track!)

  • Additional add ons might include: Personalize journaling prompts, personalized breath work & Meditations, etc




I want your life
to be


  • How do I know I'm ready for a program?
    No previous experience is required for any of my programs. Where you are in the journey is perfect and I will meet you right there! So if you are feeling a strong pull towards this work, follow it! My programs are designed for people of all ages (18 - infinity!) and all backgrounds. You are welcome here! That being said, this a time commitment and a financial investment. To make the most of our work together, be sure that you've considered and set aside the necessary resources so that when we begin, we can really focus all our energy on your transformation.
  • Do you offer payment programs? or Discounts?
    Yes! I am happy to discuss a variety of payment plans that will suit your needs. Just email me personally with the program you're interested in and we can discuss. Yes! I can offer discounts to members of marginalized communities such as the POC community, LGTBQIA+ community, or anyone who can demonstrate a real need. However, discounts are not guaranteed and depend on my capacity in that period. Please email me personally and we will see if something is possible!
  • Will there be homework... ?
    YES! But it will be fun homeplay ;) I mean, how often do you get pleasure homework? Between sessions you are expected to practice what we are learning, whether it's a meditative practice, self pleasure, journaling, etc. How much you are expected to do is completely dependent on your capacity (which we will determine together!) The aim is to make this a beautiful addition woven naturally into your life. So, please don't fret! We will make this homeplay something you can enjoy and look forward to no matter what your schedule looks like.
  • Why should I work with you?
    I pride myself on being a fully inclusive, trauma informed, and high capacity space holding individual. I also fundamentally believe that, while I do have a wide breadth of knowledge and expertise, YOU contain all the wisdom for this transformation. Empowerment can only occur if we search for the answers within YOU. So, if in the end you decide to work with someone else, be very wary of practitioners/programs that market themselves as having some 'magic key' to your happiness. Find someone who believes in your empowerment. It's taken years of education, financial investment, life experience, and dedication to get where I am today. My aim is to share all I have with you.
  • What lineage of Tantra do you teach? How is it different?
    I am specifically trained in Vajrayana Buddhist practices, specifically under the Shangpa Kagyu lineage. I was trained at the Institute of Authentic Tantra founded by Devi Ward Erickson. Our governing lama is Lama Tashi Dundrup. My teachings are authentic, in the sense that my studies and practice are overseen by enlightened practitioners and are rooted in a dharma lineage. One of the biggest differences you will find in our practice together is that we will work with a 5 chakra system instead of the more typical 7. This is because we are specifically working to cultivate energy within the body for utilization and do not shoot energy out of the body. Therefore, the crown chakra and root chakra act as "plugs" to our central channel (energetic spine within the physical body). If you have more questions, please feel free to send an email or DM on instagram! Happy to discuss :)
  • Can I do single sessions?
    My programs are specifically designed to offer a transformative experience, therefore, a commitment to a program of several sessions is absolutely necessary. Trust me, you're better off waiting until you can fully commit to a program than try to string together several single sessions. In my experience, clients who wait and make the full commitment have significantly better outcomes and greater transformation (These are the kinds of results I want for you!)
  • What kinds of clients are you looking for?
    My perfect client is highly motivated and ready to make a BIG transformation. My perfect client is ready to stop spiritually bypassing their hurts and are looking for a place to safety and effectively release what is no longer serving them. My perfect client is committed to the schedule we set for our program, ready to invest time and resources to our work, and comes to each session with their homeplay assignments completed and learned from. My clients are fabulously diverse and ready to glow even brighter from deep within! Remember, I cannot make the transformation happen without YOUR dedication! You will know when you are ready for this work. I'll be here waiting for our divine timing <3
  • How long are sessions? Can I space them out?
    Sessions will be between 1.5 hours and a mix of learning new practices, releasing blocks to bliss, celebrating wins, troubleshooting setbacks, honoring wisdoms that arise, and allowing space for you to get what you need from our session in order to set you up for a successful week. You might feel you need more than a week between certain sessions, that's totally ok! The schedule is flexible enough to accommodate that need. However, unless in the case of emergency or sudden life changes, we cannot go more than two weeks without a session. This work can be very vulnerable and spiritually opening. It's important we don't fall out of the work half way through and leave things unresolved. For your safety and effectivity of the process, we must maintain a commitment to the process.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    You are offered a free consultation to determine if this work is right for you. Once we begin our work: If after the first two (2) session together you decide this work is not for you, you are entitled to a half (50%) refund. Once we arrive at the third (3) session, a refund is no longer available and full payment will be owed regardless if the program is completed.
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