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It takes a team.

You can have the life you crave. Now. 

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Hey there.

My name is Sophia. I'm here to champion YOU.

We were never meant to do this all on our own. 

I'll be the first to admit to believing otherwise. I'm a big dreamer.

I was the kid who absolutely, 110% believed it when my mom told me I could do anything I dreamed of.

So here I am: a grammy nominated opera singer/ certified life coach / tantra healer / online teacher. 

(yea I know what the hell.)

Over the years I have experienced tremendous burnout. I have struggled with chronic loneliness.. and a shattered self-esteem after a long and traumatic failed relationship. I have lost my way more than a few times, unsure about how I wanted to contribute to this world in my lifetime. 

I overcame these setbacks. I grew stronger. I learned more about myself and made more effective plans. 

But make no mistake. 

I did NOT accomplish this alone. 

I became a life coach because I want to live in a world full of thriving humans.

Humans who are enriched by each other, deeply self aware, and use their gifts to spread greatness.

Most people don't have the quality of support, community, and resources they need to make the life altering changes necessary to lead the life they crave.

That's where I step in.

It's my personal mission to move people forward. To cut the crap. To dig deep into the mind and soul to find TRUTH and PURPOSE.

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The recipe is simple. (There shalt not be any gate-keeping 'round here.)

To really break old habits and build new ones that are in full alignment with the person you want to be, you need 3 things. 

Self awareness, Intention, and accountability. 

Deepening your self awareness means answering some tough questions.

No more 'I don't knows'. Maybe you procrastinate. Maybe you get defensive or angry in discussions. Maybe you spend money recklessly. Maybe you are overwhelmed with anxiety. Feel pangs of insecurity with a friend or partner.

Understanding where these reactions are rooted and how they serve (or no longer serve) you is the first critical step. 

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Intention setting means creating an action plan. This is not just a to-do list. This is a commitment to changing your physical and mental habits so you can achieve your goals sustainably and authentically. 

Accountability means HIGH STAKES.

We do not run on pinky promises here. It's time to set up fail safe systems and show up for yourself in a BIG way.

No more BS!


Book a consultation session (It's free!)

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Want to learn about meditation, 
mindfulness and ecstatic pleasure?

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The majority of people believe they are completely self aware and have an unshakeable perspective. However, research has shown that only 10-15% of us actually fit the criteria of truly self aware. 

The work I offer is not easy. Your mind has developed those habits that knock you off track for a reason! Undoing it means going deep and getting dirty, so to speak. 


What you can count on, is a coach with unwavering belief that YOU CAN DO THIS. 

You can count on me asking the right questions to guide you into conversations that go deeper than you ever have previously.

You can count on my credentials as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). 

You can also count on me to partner with you on this journey with full love, compassion, inclusivity, non-judgement, confidentiality, and commitment. 

But don't get too cozy. I will hold you to your word and to your values. Most plans FAIL because they lack buy-in and accountability

You can count on me to GAS YOU UP and 

celebrate the wins! You can also count on me to 

hold up the mirror so we can have an honest look 

at what is (or is not) working. This is a life changing

process and you are so worth the effort.

I want you to LOVE what you see. 


You are EXACTLY where you are meant to be. Wherever you are on this journey, is when we were supposed to cross paths. I am excited to meet you exactly where you are. There will be ups and downs, but we can endure it together! 

Remember: Motivation is a limited resource. But YOU are an incredible anomaly bursting with potential and light and energy enough to change the world!

Don't take as long as I did to realize you don't need to do this all alone! I am here to support you in any way I can.  I cannot WAIT to see what you do next!  



*My space is fully inclusive <3 

I warmly welcome members of the LGTBQIA+ community,

people of all colors and backgrounds, religious/spiritual affiliations,

ethical non-monogamy/polyamory, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

It would be my pleasure to partner with you!

Ready? Tag me in!



kind words

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"Sophia's coaching genuinely changed the way I think about my life and how I go about living. 

My foundation for motivation, planning, and goal setting has fundamentally improved. Sophia made me realize that I have so much control over my life, if I only choose to change it. 

She lights a FIRE for motivation. 

She makes it simple, bite-sized, and doable. 

Sophia is incredibly safe, warm, motivating, sensitive, attentive, and calming. She imbues a groundedness that is infectious. 

I cannot recommend her coaching enough!"


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